It’s Not About You

The AEC industry has an overwhelmingly bad habit of talking about ourselves. From meetings with clients to quals packages to proposals to interviews, it’s all about us. Why is that? Building relationships is about give and take and creating a rapport. Yet, we tend, as an industry, to do the exact opposite. Are our firms…

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Kroger Grant Consultants delivers MAX Talk at SMPS Connecticut MAX Event and Northeast Regional Conference in RI

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) created Max Talks a few years ago. These 15-minute sessions were modeled after Ted Talks and are intended to be both inspirational and educational. In May, Kroger Grant Consultants (KGC) was honored to deliver a MAX Talk at both the SMPS Connecticut Max Event held in Hartford at…

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Networking tips from Kroger Grant Consultants

Networking Tips for Success

Love or hate it, networking is a necessary evil for business success. It’s a requirement in the AEC industry for both business developers and seller/doers. By definition, networking is the act of social interaction. It requires face-to-face encounters. If you’re an introvert, a homebody, or a millennial glued to your phone, this can be intimidating…

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