Business Development

No BD culture or process? KGC Will work with newbies to Business Development and seasoned professionals to create a BD culture and processes for business success.

Seller-Doer Training

You’re a technical person asked to participate in BD. Where to begin? In a workshop setting, KGC will provide training and exercises for doers to learn the BD process and steps to be successful at building client relationships and winning work.

Capture Planning

Unsure how to create a capture plan once you’ve identified a target client? KGC will help you to create a winning plan with actionable steps.

Pre-Positioning Training

How do you build a client relationship? How do you start the process of building a long-term, rewarding partnership? KGC will teach you proven strategies and actionable techniques for developing successful business relationships with quantifiable results.

Networking Skills Training

Does networking terrify you? KGC can help with training and exercises to break down the networking process into easy-to-learn, comfortable steps.

Public Speaking Coaching

Delivering a presentation soon? Need to improve your public speaking skills? KGC coaches individuals and teams on best skills to make you a great public speaker.

Interview Coaching

You’ve made the short list, now what? KGC will help you to develop strategy, messaging, and delivery to bring home the win.

Strategic Plan Auditing

Is your strategic plan on target with action items to promote success? KGC will review your plan and provide sound critique to help you win more work. No plan? KGC will work with you and your staff to develop one.

Pursuit Materials Auditing

Not sure if your collateral is hitting the mark? KGC will provide strategic review of your quals packages, proposals, and interview materials to ensure you are on-target with your messaging, graphics, and content for results.

Keynote Speaking

Need a keynote speaker for an upcoming event? KGC provides a wealth of keynote topics from business development to networking to leadership to building the life of your dreams.

Life Planning

Need a plan or want to make a change in your journey? KGC will help you define your key personal performance indicators to design the life of your dreams.